Hello, my name is Gerrilyn and I have a problem with signing up for Blocks of the Month (BOM). It all started in 2015. I’m not sure if it’s a sense of community or if it’s like Christmas every month when they come in the mail. This quilt was called River Rock, (pictured below) it was made from Batiks. For those of you that are new to the quilting world, batiks are hand dyed. They are beautiful on both sides (You never have the feeling of, “Oh crap, I sewed the wrong sides together!”). There is a whole group of people that love batiks. This was my first go around with them. I have only made one other thing with batiks. I can’t say that I am a Batik Groupie. I digress… So while doing this BOM, I met a couple of new friends and loved going every month and buying the next month. So once this was over I thought, “This is something I would like to do again.” So off I go again to sign up for a 12 month BOM from a quilt shop in Sevierville, TN, The Cherry Pit. I have that quilt almost put together. (That one ended over a year ago).

The best time to start these BOM or Challenges is in January. So while all people in the world are promising to change their lives or lost unwanted weight, I am starting all of these BOM and challenges. In January 2018, I signed up for 2 BOM from Anna Marie Horner. One designed by her and one designed by Jen Kingswell, with Anna Maria Horner’s materials. Then I had started a BOM with Angela Walters before the end of 2017. The list goes on… I did these challenges so I could learn about different techniques, colors, fabric,  and designers. I will say, that as addicting all they are, you get a good feel for what you like and what style of quilting you want to continue. I also got a better understanding of sympathy for people with quilting dilemmas. We all struggle with some sort of quilting pitfalls that we fight to overcome. Most of us roll our eyes and sigh and Y seams.

I have found most of my challenges thru designers that I follow, groups I already belong to or through my “quilting friends”. I love that you can see what people around the United States are mainly doing on their quilt challenges through Facebook or Instagram groups.

Another sort of group that I have joined, or should I say, my husband bought me for my birthday, that comes monthly is the Quilty Box!!! I love this box. I have tried a couple other boxes a month. 2 were quilting boxes and 1 was for women entrepreneurs. I much prefer Quilty Box. This has introduced me to quilting notions, designers and patterns that I might not had tried, sewed or read about. This is well worth the money and it’s a great one to give to quilters and keep giving and it changes monthly.