I’m amazed that by the time you are 40 something, you make crazy stupid mistakes.  As most of us know, if you make a stupid mistake or you aren’t paying attention, you have to get the ole seam ripper out. Side note:  I think people or companies should make those things, jewel-encrusted or something so beautiful that people would be envious when you had one out.  Because every time I have to go for mine, I usually am not smiling and I am saying things that would make a sailor blush.  Anyway…The beautiful quilt that is pictured above was a “love at first sight” quilt.  I saw the pattern, “free” on the Free Spirit website.

This is where the blind ignorance began.  I went to FedEx to have it printed out in full color and I bought a great little cover, so it would not get wrinkled. (Sometimes I do try to be organized and professional).  I start by reading my fabric requirements….I procrastinated and most the animal prints were gone from the local fabric store, so I order them online and paid more than I should have, then as I was getting organized, I found a bag of the All-Stars fabric I bought when it first came out and it had half of the fabric I ordered (ughhh, I feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy and the football).  Another side-note:  I am one of those people that run to the fabric store as soon as Tula Pink’s new fabric hits the shelf.  So now we continue on with the saga.  I am going to read the directions before I start…You know to be prepared (hahahaha)  well, the pattern is paper piecing (double ugh), I think that paper piecing, while beautiful and nobody can argue with the points, its a waste of fabric.  No quilter wants to waste beautiful fabric. The beautiful scraps come in handy, as you read on.   So back to FedEx, to print on the paper piecing paper and to scale which was 11X17.    CAN YOU SEE WHAT A PAIN?   I make the blocks and realize that I never read the dimensions on the finished quilt.  Are you sitting down?  60 X 60!!!!!, I have a king size bed and I share it with a little dog that loves to cover up and roll up like a burrito.  So as I made a couple of sailors blush, I had to start thinking what to do now?  I didn’t want to add borders, that would be a lot of borders and perhaps some ribbon looking borders by the end.  So I went and bought some more fabric (surprise) and I am going to make hexagons (EPP) of several sizes and pepper them on a large “frame style” border.  I have resigned myself, that this will not be a quick quilt but it will be worth a gazillion dollars when its done.

Am I the only person that thinks sometimes, I need to stop and smell the roses and calm down before diving in?  The whole story from above would have prevented if only I would have read the whole 18 pages of directions.  I can tell you one thing…You would not be looking at that quilt if I had!!

So, my words of advice, read the dimensions and all of the directions.  I’m obsessed with the dimensions on anything I read now.  I have also attached a pic of the border fabric and hexagons that I am going to use.  When the quilt is complete there will be a parade and everybody will throw fat quarters of rare and beautiful fabric, in celebration.  (It’s always nice to dream big).