As I started this adventure, in 2016, I had one goal.  I wanted to be a long arm quilter and have my own machine.  I wanted to have the clients that would keep me as busy as I wanted.  As things have progressed and I have learned more in the quilting industry,  I have made some adjustments or should I say additions to my busy and the goals that I want to achieve.

If you have any time quilting, buying fabric, buying notions and patterns, you know that there are certain places that you have to go and get each one of them.  I have fallen in love with learning about fabric designers and fabric.  I made a decision:

I going to start carrying fabric on my website!!!!

I know that there are people like me that want certain designers. But not one designers, but different styles. I am not a modern quilter.  I am not a traditional quilter.  I adore both styles and I adore both types of fabric and pattern designs.  So as most of you know, you have to start small and work up in quantities .  So my first fabric designer will be coming 1/31/19.  It will be Anna Maria Horner, from Free Spirit.   She was the first designer that I started recognizing when I was looking as pictures of fabric.  I love her eclectic style and color combinations .  She has never disappointed me.  I have several of her patterns and I have a large selection of my stash dedicated to her past lines.  My favorite thing about “Tamborine” is the bright floral on the muted background.  The animal print that is in this line, is a definite staple in any of her patterns.  Matter of fact, if I could only order one…this would be it.


Along with Anna Maria Horner (AMH), I will also have Tula Pink (Pinkerville), by Free Spirit join our shop.  Pinkerville is due to ship 3/31/19.  I think everybody should have a little fun in their life, so a little “Tula” can always brighten your quilt and put a little smile on your face.  I became obsessed with her designs with “Elizabeth”.  I received it as a Christmas gift.  I loved the beautiful designs and the unique color combinations and how all the fabrics meshed so well together.  Then I was on a journey to find all of her past lines and get all of her future lines.  I have been fortunate enough to meet her.  She is the most down to earth, funny person.  I will admit, if there were a person I could pick to hang out with and quilt, she would be mine.

Tula & me -1

At Missouri Star, meeting Tula for the first time

As I see how the fabric is moving, I will either expand to the complete line or I will add more of the designers that I purchase or carry.  I am also wanting to start a quilt along.  So if you have any ideas let me know.  I am open to all designers and all types of designs. I like modern to traditional and everything in the middle.  There are 2 things I am not crazy about impromptu piecing and paper piecing. (Not to be confused with English Paper Piecing ♥)

I will be also carrying a couple of the notions, thread and batting.  I will only carry the notions i.e. rulers, clips and pins that I love, so if you see them on a tutorial and you want one, you will know where to get them.

By the way, I am still quilting on my HQ Forte’ (with Prostitcher).  I am heading to Liberty MO. for a couple of classes.  I am looking forward to learning new designs and seeing my quilting friends, that live in MO.  We also have a couple of retreats this year, that always good for some laughs, pics and new products I had no clue existed.

So, that is wha’s new with Finish A Quilt and the new year 2019.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.  I am Finish A Quilt-Gerrilyn Burchwell on all platforms.  Tell a friend or share.  We need to get this quilting bee sworming…..