The girls with Angela Spring Retreat 2019*Top: Me, Lorrie W., Vicky L. Bottom: Kelly M., Angela W.*

Retreat 2019 w/ Joni Burgess

Meeting up with Life Long Friends

Above, as you look at these pictures;  it doesn’t reflect the great friendship that has turned into sisterhood.  We gathered this Spring, for our bi-annual retreat. We also gather a couple other times of the year for Longarm classes or Longarm Retreats.

The girls and I met almost 2 years ago.  We of course watched “The Midnight Quilt Show” and wanted to meet Angela Walters. I was just shopping online, as most of us do, I noticed that Quilting is My Therapy was having their first quilting retreat.  I immediately ordered my ticket and put it on my calendar.  This was the first thing I had ever done, spur of the moment.  I knew I had to go.  I was going to Liberty,MO by myself.  In a rental car, listening to podcasts, feeling excited to see what these retreats would be like. I knew that I loved quilting and I was sure that I would find somebody to quilt with, I mean I can talk to anybody about anything. So, in the parking lot, I met Kelly.  We sat together with Lorrie and Vicky behind us.  For 3 days, we laughed, ate, talked and did some sewing.  A lot of talking about quilting, designers and shopping.  Before we left, we decided we would meet up again. By the way, we made friends with Angela, too!  Every retreat, I sneak a pic, wrapped up in Angela’s masterpieces.  I pretend, for just a second, that I am half the quilters she is, or that she has given me one of these beauties.

The girls and I have a quilting conversation, thru text, on going.  You would never guess we are from: Texas, Iowa, Ohio and Missouri.  I talk to these girls, like they live across town and we literally find any excuse to meet up. As we set down and realized we have had so many memories and good times together , it seems impossible that we have not known each other for longer. It seems like these girls have always been in my life.  I do not have sisters, but if I did, I would want them.  This year we decided that we would do a friendship quilt.  We will each make certain blocks and send them to our friends. ( It’s a lot more complicated, but Vicky did all the thinking for us.)  At the end, we will all have the same quilt.  That way we can always think about each other.  We are also making it out of a pattern by Angela Walters.  There will be many pictures to follow.

As I go on and on.  My point of this blog, is community.  Sometimes all you need to share, is a love of a passion.  I almost said “hobby” and I thought quilting is much more than a hobby.   Quilting bonds people with not only patterns, fabric and notions.  It bonds us together with loves of certain designers, machine quilting on your domestic machine or buying a longarm.  Should we even mention buying, fondling and storing fabric?  When I found quilting at 43, it has liberated me . I can’t learn enough and there is no destination too far, that I wont go.  I have met amazing quilters and designers (see pic below), to share my love of “all that is quilting”.  That is what I hope to inspire and nurture on my website.  I feel that there is always things to learn, if you listen to people.  You definitely never have to be alone, in your passion either.  If you are ever given the option to go to a retreat, whether quilting or bag making…..GO!  There are probably 50 women that are just like you.  It’s always a plus to have friends that can help you spend more money.  I will tell you a short story, before I end,  about my friend Kelly.  She taught me about Bonnie and Camille, as well as the French General.  So at our last retreat, I was telling my friends about my new obsession with Tilda and Liberty of London.  Well one night I had decided to turn in early and I get a text from Kelly, asking if I had seen Tilda on sale.  Well I turned on my phone, bought fabric and went back to bed.  The next day, I was thinking..”You have to love friends that help your fabric obsessions”.

**I had to show off my pic, with Tula Pink.**

Sew, if you haven’t checked out my website, go to :  You can also check me out on all social media platforms on Finishaquilt-Gerrilyn Burchwell.  I am always adding new fabric and notions.  I’m also going to have YouTube live videos starting,  if I can get me makeup and hair done before midnight.

**Here is my disclaimer, I am a quilter.  I am not an English Professor.  I did the best I could, but I write, as I speak.  In one sentence!**

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