Do you set new goals for the new year?

New Year

Happy New Year

This year I did a lot of sole searching and reevaluating what I wanted my business to be and how I wanted to move forward.  I started this journey to be a long arm quilter.  I don’t know about other business’, but in this one,Finish A Quilt. I did some adding and subtracting.

I subtracted “Edge to Edge”. (E2E) quilting.  I did buy and have the computer that quilts as you program with the dimensions and the density that the customer wants.  But I personally love the free motion quilting (FMQ).  I love to learn and accentuate the best part of the quilt.  This is what differentiates the quilters.  There is a quilter for anything you may want or need.  You always want to find a person that loves what they do, your quilt will show it.

The Adding of Fabric was a great one.  When I started I loved to pet and look at pretty fabric.  Then I started learning  the different designers and the fabric companies that had which designers. Then the styles of fabric and quilts.  The more that I learned the more I love fabric.  Just like any hobby you love.  I adore talking about “all things” fabric.  So I started carrying fabric.  This is an expensive avenue to go down and it dates faster than shoes or jeans.  People like me, can tell you what is last years fabric or how old the fabric is  and is it near dry rot . I have realized that not all quilters care about who designed it or if it’s a rare piece that is worth a lot more than the regular price per yard.  That’s why people need somebody like myself.  I love to calculate, figure yardage and share my opinion.  But you know what they say about opinions.

So I stared with 5 bolts, it’s funny even typing.  I mean, think about trying to pick for a specific audience and not have a social media following (Hysterical). So then I ordered a complete line from Moda. It was Cinnaberry by 3 Sisters.  I totally loved this fabric line and still do.  It was designed to be a Christmas fabric, but it is a regal, rich fabric, that could be used in any quilt or occasion   I had grown a little bigger of an audience, thanks to Etsy.  Now,  in April, I will have 2 complete lines, from Free Spirit.  The designers are Anna Maria Horner (Hindsight) and Kathy Doughty (New Vintage) .  And 3 complete lines from Moda.  I will carry Flea Market Mix from Cathe Holden.  She is the newest fabric designer to come to Moda.  Another fabric line is All Hallows Eve, this is a reprint from last year.  This is a classy design in Halloween colors. Definitely worth giving another look.  Marches De Noel by 3 Sisters, there is only one word…breathtaking.  Finally I ordered some kits and precuts from other lines.  I  will have other information to come with each line.

New Flea Market Mix

So this year my goals are to add more fabric lines, have a couple sew alongs and learn more about marketing.  I use to be the lady that was going to eat better and do more physical movement.  That is not me.  I have actually started eating some veggies, but I am not getting crazy.  If we could make wishes with no effort, I would be a vegetarian that loves to jog.  But I am a women that loves carbs and  sewing, in that order (maybe).  I have done some ” Live Chats” on Facebook and Instagram.  you will be seeing me more often.  I am also going to start my blog back up.  You will see, if you haven’t already, punctuation is not my strong suit and I type as I talk.  So I should warn you, I am a smarty pants and sarcasm is my first language.

In 2018, at the end, I made a New Years resolution to finish most of my UFO’s.  I am happy to report that I only have 1 left, from that list.  Behind me is a stack of plastic bins with (BOM) Blocks of the Month’s that are to be finished soon.  So this month, I have been sewing like a mad woman, so that I do not start 2020, behind and drowning in projects,

How many UFO’s do you have and what are your goals for the coming year.  Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to catch my Live Video’s.  I will be documenting the new fabrics and projects that I am starting or finishing.  I am Finish A Quilt-Gerrilyn Burchwell on all social platforms and you can also find me and my merchandise on my Etsy shop and my website.

Happy 2020


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