Meet Gerrilyn

I stumbled onto quilting about 4 years ago.  Until that time I was not a crafter.  I started a couple of years earlier with knitting. While cleaning out an old garage, my husband and I found his grandma’s quilts.  They had mouse droppings and hornet’s nest built in them…It was not pretty and it was upsetting, that we might have to discard them.  Thank goodness for Google.  So with vinegar and baking soda, I washed and dried them…the stains came out.  So that started my fascination with the quilting process.  It was truly love at first sight, or touch.  I enjoyed taking classes and still do.  I tried the long arm quilting from a local fabric shop and as soon as I took the grips in my hand, I knew that this was what I was supposed to do.

So I have taken just about every quilting class, that I could learn from and even those, where I have just met a lot of neat people along the way.  I have given up tv for YouTube.  I watch quilting and sewing videos. I have even branched out from not only making quilts and quilting them, but I am also trying to make bags (for me) and EPP ( English Paper Piecing).  Not only do I love the industry, but I also love the quilting community.  On the whole, everybody is welcome and everybody loves to share their knowledge and their creations.

Now, About Me Personally

I am married to a wonderfully supportive husband, James. I have a 9-year-old little girl.  She is my videographer & photographer.  She is also my tech person. (Did I mention the love of my life?). I was born and raised in a small town in Springboro, OH.  I dedicate my days and most evening to my business.  I’m looking forward to growing and being part of the quilting industry and having a “quilting bee” for all of us to share and bond.

I have many great ideas and projects in the process of coming to the website.  You can also find me on most of the social platforms, including my new YouTube Channel.

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